About Widesky Surfboards

Widesky is the only Australian Owned and run surfboard factory in China.
There are Australian people here 100% of the time, ready to help take your order,
control quality during production and answer any questions you may have at any time of the year.

We have been operating for over 3 years and have a wonderful relationship with all our customers, we have a 99% repeat customer rate and have never had product returned due to faulty craftsmanship.

These two facts alone are impacting so heavily on our closest competitors market,
that they have resorted to flooding the market and the internet with cheap, poorly made surfboards.

Widesky does not sell sub-standard products on EBAY at so called ¡°mates rates¡± or anywhere else.

Our workers are well looked after, paid well and fully supplied with all relevant safety equipment.
Working conditions are above average with very well ducted glassing and sanding bays and
our shaping bays are even air conditioned !

The Boards
Enough about the factory, You want to know about the boards¡­
Our surfboards are made only PU foam and do not use epoxy resins.
90% of our materials are imported from Australia and America,
to ensure a long lasting, great looking and professionally made surfboard.

Our blanks are machine shaped by the famous ABRO ¡°6 at a time¡± shaping machine,
Made in Australia, which has a very high accuracy in copying and modifying shapes.
During trips around the world, we have copied some of the worlds most popular shapes,
So all our designs start as a very popular and proven shape.
That said, if we copy boards for a customer we will Not cut that shape for anyone else,
Nor will we sell boards with your unique logo to anyone else.

Written guarantees of quality, delivery time and copy write issues can be provided on all our boards.

We make our own Fiberglass fins, we have many models and colors, but feel free to send us outlines to copy of your favorite fin. Also available are Legropes, from 6¡¯ to 10¡¯ in 5mm or 7mm thickness.

Please contact us for a full price list.
Once a price is agreed upon between us, it will not change,
We can organize the shipping to anywhere in the world.

Please email me or call if you have any questions.